Free sewing pattern fingerless gloves: The perfect sewing idea for scrap fabric

Free sewing pattern fingerless gloves: The perfect sewing idea for scrap fabric

Our sewing pattern for fingerless gloves is a solution for anyone who is tired of constantly putting on and taking off gloves. Gloves are great, but only if you can expect to wear them for more than five minutes, such as on a long winter walk (and probably without small children, otherwise you usually have to keep your hands ready with no functional limitations).

Unlike classic mittens, handcrafted fingerless gloves provide cozy warmth while providing the freedom for typing, wiping your kids’ mouths, and playing the piano (all at the same time if you’re a mom). Or whatever else requires dexterity.

With our free fingerless mittens sewing pattern you can sew cuffs that cover about the lower third of your fingers and are always held in position by a thumb hole. The length of the gloves on the forearm is long enough to fold them over at the cuff. This means that the inner lining, which is also visible on the upper edge of the glove, is shown to its best advantage.

The good news is: You don’t need a lot of fabric or a lot of sewing experience to sew our fingerless gloves. This small sewing project is therefore great for using leftover fabric of any type and is suitable for sewing beginners.

Free sewing pattern fingerless gloves

Download our free sewing pattern fingerless gloves

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Sewing pattern fingerless gloves

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Video tutorial fingerless gloves

In our quick sewing tutorial we show you step by step how you can sew the cozy arm warmers. It’s best to use an elastic stitch when sewing (e.g. a triple straight stitch).

You can find many more video tutorials for free sewing patterns on our Youtube channel.

The right fabric for sewing fingerless gloves

When sewing gloves for winter, you should at least use a warming fabric for the either the outer fabric or the lining. Of course, it will be particularly cozy if you use a cuddly fabric for both layers. Both the lining and the outer material should be at least slightly elastic so that the arm warmers fit comfortably without slipping. Minky fabric, fleece or cozy sweatshirt fleece fabrics are particularly suitable. If you don’t want it to be that warm, you can of course also use jersey for your DIY fingerless mittens.

This is the material you’ll need for our sewing pattern fingerless gloves:

  • Lining fabric: 28 x 45 cm
  • Outer fabric: 26 x 45 cm
  • Sewing thread

We used these some of our minky fabrics to sew the fingerless gloves from the pictures above:

  • Taupe minky fabric / velboa – SuperSoft SHORTY

    Taupe minky fabric – SuperSoft SHORTY

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  • Hot pink minky fabric / velboa – SuperSoft SHORTY

    Hot pink minky fabric – SuperSoft SHORTY

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Our free pattern for sewing arm warmers is based on the size of an average woman’s hand. If you want to make the fingerless gloves sewing pattern smaller or larger, it’s best to sew a test piece with your adjusted width first to make sure the fingerless gloves fit well in the end.

Free sewing pattern fingerless gloves: The perfect sewing idea for scrap fabric