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kullaloo SuperSoft and FANTASTIC Fur fabricsSewing with fur and plush fabrics

How to embroider and applique minky fabric

Applique with and on minky

Especially when sewing stuffed animals and other cuddly toys, it is very common that small elements such as eyes have to be sewn on. We'll show you how you can applique these small pieces to minky and other plush fabrics like mochi with a sewing machine and which tools will make it easier for you.

How to applique with minky

Minky care instructions

Care instructions for minky fabric

Get helpful tips for washing, drying and ironing microfiber plush like minky or mochi fabric!

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Fake fur & shaggy plush: friend and enemy in your sewing room

How to work with fake fur and shaggy fabrics

Long pile plush fabrics – incredibly soft and fluffy, but definitely a challenge to cut and sew! But with our helpful tips & tricks you are well prepared for your next shaggy plush project.

Learn how to sew fake fur

Video tutorials

How to cut fake fur

How to pin and sew fake fur

Appique on fur fabrics