Monster sewing pattern “MemoMonsti” (PDF)

Sewing pattern for our lovely monster “MemoMonsti” with detailed instructions, as a PDF file for instant download after payment

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With the purchase of this PDF you will receive a monster sewing pattern for one of our most popular stuffed animal patterns, our lovely “MemoMonsti”. The pattern includes detailed sewing instructions, 3 face variants and patterns for different foot sizes (for footprints with shoe size 1-7 US). After purchase and payment you can download and print out the instructions as a PDF.

About the monster sewing pattern

MemoMonsti is a cuddly monster whose name comes from the memorable soles of his feet: here you can capture baby’s footprints from sizes 1-7 US (newborn to 2 years old)! However, even without footprints this 18″ (45 cm) tall monster is a perfect cuddly pal. If you use a brightly coloured shaggy plush for the monster, it becomes a particularly cuddly friend, maybe even for life.

The sewing pattern contains 3 different face appliqué variante, so you can sew three different monsters from the pattern. The monster itself needs some sewing experience, especially if you’re using a shaggy plush fabric to sew. However, since we design our instructions in great detail with many pictures, they also suitable for hobby seamstresses without years of experience.

If you want to eternalize some tiny little footprints on the soles of the monster, you will need fabric paint.

Important: NO EMBROIDERY MACHINE is required to applique the faces! You can do the appliqués with a simple sewing machine and a double-sided iron-on adhesive webbing like Heat’n Bond. We explain how to do this in great detail in the sewing instructions. You can also find video instructions for doing appliqués with a sewing machine on our Youtube channel. However, if you HAVE an embroidery machine, you can also buy the sewing pattern with the matching embroidery patterns for the faces!

  • Sewing time: 3-4 hours
  • Difficulty level: intermediate

What’s included with the sewing pattern monster “MemoMonsti”:

  • Illustrated sewing instructions and pattern (PDF file, US letter size)
  • 3 faces as appliqué templates
  • Pattern pieces for different foot sizes (1-7 US)

The sewing pattern monster “MemoMonsti” is for private use only. However, you can buy a license extension for commercial use here in our shop.

✄ Materials & tools

Materials needed for the monster sewing pattern:

  • Fabric for body, arms, legs and ears, approx. 30x30" (75x75 cm) or 18x52" (45x140 cm)
  • Fabric for the front side of the ears, approx. 5x11" (12x28 cm)
  • Fabric for the soles of the feet, approx. 8x14" (20x35 cm)
  • Fabric for the face, approx. 8x8" (20x20 cm)
  • Fabric or felt leftovers for the face elements
  • White hand embroidery floss for the eye twinkles, approx. 12" (30 cm)
  • Double-sided iron-on adhesive webbing like Heat’n Bond, approx. 6x9" (16x23 cm)
  • Toy filling, approx. 0.66 lbs (300 g)

Optionally required:

  • Thread in complementary colours
  • When using stretchy fabrics: embroidery backing / stabiliser for reinforcing the left fabric side when doing the face appliqués (e.g. a self-adhesive tear-away stabiliser)
  • When using high-pile fabrics: a thin, transparent and water-soluble embroidery film for the appliqués placed on top of the fabric pieces

Tools & appliances

  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing needles and pins
  • Scissors
  • Washable fabric marker / tailor’s chalk
  • Iron
  • For Footprints: Textile paint, brush, hardcover book

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