Faux fur fabric silver grey – SuperSoft SHAGGY

Ultra soft shaggy faux fur fabric in silver grey as a pre-cut fabric piece, size 39.5×29.5″ (100×75 cm), 20 mm pile length ♥ Perfect for extraordinary sewing projects, from shaggy monsters to sofa cushions and baby blankets to carnival and halloween costumes

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Our SuperSoft SHAGGY faux fur fabric silver grey is a slightly stretchy, high-quality microfiber plush and absolutely perfect for all extraordinary sewing projects. Certainly one of the softest long-hair plush you’ve ever touched! It is easy to clean (machine washable in warm water, suitable for dryers), tested for harmful substances and available in different colors.

Maybe you already know this long pile plush fabric from those cuddly blankets from the store that you want to snuggle into immediately. With our SuperSoft SHAGGY fur fabric you can use this cuddly material in your sewing projects! No matter if you want to sew blankets or sofa cushions, a particularly fluffy cuddly toy like our monster plushie, or a cozy bed for your dog or cat: the result will tempt everyone to cuddle! Check out our sewing pattern category for more inspiration on what to sew with our SHAGGY fabric.

But you can use our faux fur fabric not only for plushies or pet supplies, but also for extraordinary carnival and halloween costumes. How about a cookie monster costume? But be warned: you must be prepared for spontaneous cuddle attacks from your fellow friends 🙂

Great for sewing and embroidering

What’s great: you can also combine our long-piled plush SHAGGY with our short-piled plush SHORTY! The colors of both plush types are coordinated with each other. For example, we love to combine our SHORTY grey Minky fabric with this grey SHAGGY fabric, but check our shop for more color matching short pile plush fabrics!

If you are new to the shaggy plush business, we have a whole bunch of helpful tips & tricks for sewing with long-piled plush fabrics for you. For example, you can find videos on our YouTube channel about cutting shaggy plush or creating appliqués on it. There is also a lot more information about this special type of faux fur fabric on our website.

About our “SuperSoft SHAGGY” faux fur fabric silver grey

SHAGGY comes in two different pile lengths, 3/4 inch (20 mm) and 1 3/16 inch (30 mm). The hairs are particularly fine, not felty at all, and you can smooth them out with your hand in one direction. For a special tousled effect, you can cut your pattern pieces against the direction of the pile / grain so that the hairs stick out more. The back of the shaggy fabric is smooth with no hairs which makes it easy to transfer pattern pieces on it. We produce our SHAGGY fabric in accordance with international quality standards and test them for harmful substances.

  • Pile length: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
  • Weight: 650 gsm
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Care: machine washable in warm water (40°C), dryer at low temperature

Scope of delivery:

You can buy our cuddly plush fabrics as pre-cut fabric pieces only, with the dimensions of 39.5×29.5″ (100×75 cm). They are packed in a pretty paper wrapper, which makes it also great as a gift! The dimensions correspond to a 20 (0.5 m) fabric piece with a width of about 60 (1.5 m). The advantage of the pre-cut size is, however, that the fabric piece is more rectangular. This way you can easily make larger cuts from it, such as for baby blankets, pillows or parts for a jumpsuit.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 10 cm
Color space

Pile length

Plush type





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