Blue minky fabric – SuperSoft SHORTY

Super cuddly blue minky fabric / velboa as pre-cut fabric piece, size 40×30″ (100×75 cm), 1.5 mm pile length ♥ Perfect for sewing stuffed animals, blankets, pet accessories

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Our SuperSoft SHORTY blue minky fabric is a slightly stretchy, high-quality microfiber plush, also known as velboa fabric. The short-pile cuddle fabric is just perfect for so many sewing projects, no matter if you need it for sewing children’s toys, for decoration or home textiles. You can sew lovely plushies with the many cheerful and bright colors, but also wonderful baby blankets, comforter or other baby accessories.

The plush fabric is perfect to sew for babies and children because it is easy to clean (machine washable in warm water, suitable for dryers) and also tested for harmful substances. Compared for example to a sherpa plush made out of cotton, the plush is much softer and does not lose its incomparable cuddliness after many washes. That, along with all of the love and time you invest, gives a good chance that your handmade plushie or blanket becomes a lifelong companion!

Our minky fabric is not only used in cuddly toys, but also to sew for pets! How about a cat tree cover, to sew dog bedding or as a material for dog and cat toys? The short pile plush is perfect for a wide variety of pet accessories. You can also use the plush as a fabric for cuddly halloween costumes or as an inner lining for jackets and loop scarves.

About our “SuperSoft SHORTY” blue minky fabric

SHORTY is characterized by its softness despite a very short pile length (1/16 or 1.5 mm). The short-pile plush is similar in appearance and texture to a nicky velour fabric. However, it is much softer and cuddlier! You may also know this kind of fabric as velboa fabric. The back of the fabric is smooth. Another advantage is that it does not shed as much as plush fabrics with a pile length of 3 or 5 mm, so it is easy to work with. SHORTY is produced in accordance with international quality standards and tested for harmful substances.

  • Pile length: 1/16 (1.5 mm)
  • Weight: 320 gsm
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Care: machine washable in warm water (40°C), dryer at low temperature.

Scope of delivery:

Our plush fabrics are available as pre-cut fabric pieces only, with the dimensions of 40×30″ (100×75 cm). They are packed in a pretty paper wrapper, which makes it also great as a gift! The dimensions correspond to a 20 (0.5 m) piece of fabric with a width of 60 (1.5 m). The advantage of the pre-cut size is, however, that the fabric piece is more rectangular. This way you can easily make larger cuts from it, such as for baby blankets, pillows or parts for a jumpsuit.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 10 cm
Color space

Pile length

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