Hobby horse pattern “HOLLY”: stick horse, wall decoration, hairdressing head & buckle-on horse (PDF)

Sewing instructions for a beautiful hobby horse, with variations for hairdressing head, wall decoration and buckle-on horse, as a PDF file to download with detailed, illustrated instructions

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With the purchase of this PDF you will receive our hobby horse pattern “HOLLY” including detailed sewing instructions. After purchase and payment you can download the pattern as a PDF file and print it out.

About the hobby horse pattern

Hobby horsing is a sport from Finland with gymnastics elements, in which show jumping and dressage are simulated on a stick horse. But a real finnish hobby horse is anything but a dusty horse on a stick from grandma’s attic! Because the modern hobby horses inspire young and old with their realistic appearance! This is due to the detailed shape, the way its mane blows in the wind, and the different shades which can turn them into small pieces of art.

Our hobby horse can even do a lot more, because the pattern includes not only the classic stick horse variant but also options for modifying it to a hairdressing head, a wall decoration or a horse for buckling up! There are even possibilities to sew a unicorn hobby horse or a donkey.

The mane can be knotted from wool or sewn on from clip extensions (synthetic or real hair). The shading of the head is done with fabric paint and ensures the „real look“ of your horse. To sew HOLLY you should have sewing experience and, depending on the desired details, 2-4 hours time (plus time for cutting).

No embroidery machine?

Important: NO EMBROIDERY MACHINE is required to applique eyes and nostrils! You can do the appliqués with a simple sewing machine and a double-sided iron-on adhesive webbing like Heat’n Bond. We explain how to do this in great detail in the sewing instructions. You can also find video instructions for doing appliqués with a sewing machine on our Youtube channel.

However, if you have an embroidery machine you can alternatively purchase embroidery files for the eyes and nostrils in our shop.

Another TIP: We also have an ebook for matching hobby horse accessories (halter & lead ropes) in the shop! It is also available together with this pattern as a great savings package.

  • Sewing time: 2-4 hours
  • Difficulty level: intermediate

What’s included with the hobby horse pattern “HOLLY”:

  • Illustrated sewing instructions and pattern (PDF file, US letter size)

The sewing pattern hobby horse “HOLLY” is for private use only. However, you can buy a license extension for commercial use here in our shop if you want to use the pattern to sell handmade hobby horses!

✄ Materials & tools

Materials needed to sew the hobby horse pattern:

  • Fabric for head side, gussets, bottom and ears, approx. 30x30" (75x75 cm) or 18x51" (45x130 cm)
  • For an optional separated mouth: fabric for mouth, upper and lower mouth gusset as well as inner mouth part, approx. 6x30" (15x50 cm)
  • Fabric for the blaze, approx. 3x8" (7x20 cm)
  • Black felt for eyes and nostrils, approx. 2x8" (4x12 cm)
  • White hand embroidery floss for the eye twinkles, approx. 8" (20 cm)
  • Double-sided iron-on adhesive webbing (e.g. Heat’n Bond), approx. 8x3" (20x8 cm)
  • Toy filling, approx. 1.1 lbs (500 g)
  • For the mane: Ball of wool, hair extensions (at least 8" / 20 cm long) or jersey straps
  • Medium weight fusible interfacing to reinforce ears & inner mouth part, 6x18" (15x45 cm), or to stabilize ALL fabric pieces 18x51" (45x130 cm)

Short-pile plush fabrics (like minky, cuddle or velboa fabric) are best, but you can also use other fabrics such as fleece, velour, sweat or woven fabric. A long-pile plush fabric or teddy plush is also suitable if you want a particularly fluffy horse.

Optionally required:

  • Fabric paint for painting eyes & nostrils and for shading the fur

We recommend fabric finger paint as these are mostly permanent and non-toxic, but you could also use other fabric paint or acrylic paint pens. You can do most of the shadings with black and white, possibly pink or red to paint “fur-free” areas on the mouth.

Additionally only for hobby horse variant:

  • Stick with a maximum diameter of 1.2" (3 cm) and a minimum length of 24" (60 cm )
  • Wool, cord or rope to wrap around the fabric at the stick opening, approx. 20" (50 cm)

Additionally only for buckle-on horse variant:

  • Bag webbing 1 1/5" (3 cm) width, 13 ft (4 m)
  • 2x strap buckles for 1 1/5" (3 cm) bag webbing
  • 6x square rings for 1 1/5" (3 cm) bag webbing
  • 4x strap adjuster for 1 1/5" (3 cm) bag webbing
  • 2x dog hooks 1 1/5" (3 cm) for reins (optional)

Additionally only for wall decoration variant:

  • Ribbon or cord for hanging, approx. 4" (10 cm)

Additionally only for hairdressing head variant:

  • Granules, 2.5 - 3.5 lbs (1.2 - 1.5 kg)
  • Fabric for sachets, 8x55" (20x140 cm)

Tools & appliances

For sewing

  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing needles and pins
  • Washable fabric marker / tailor’s chalk
  • Scissors
  • Iron

For painting and shading

  • Brush
  • Small sponge
  • Water tank
  • Paint palette or small bowls

For attaching the stick to the hobby horse

  • Saw to shorten the broomstick
  • Liquid glue or hot glue
  • Drill to fix thick rope on the stick

Additional information


Design series

Level of difficulty


Sewing time

medium (2-4 hours)






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