Black merino wool yarn “BIG MERINO” – by katia

High quality merino wool yarn from katia, chunky and wonderfully soft to the touch. Perfect for Hobby Horses with brown or black coats!

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The “BIG MERINO” from the spanish company katia is a bulky / chunky black merino wool yarn. Merino wool is similar to regular wool but softer because of its smaller fibers and smaller scales. BIG MERINO is mixed with acrylic and feels wonderfully fine to the touch and absolutely not scratchy. And: it is our absolute favorite yarn for creating Hobby Horse manes! Since it is quite a thick wool, your horse’s mane gets great volume even with just a few strands.

How you create the Hobby Horse mane is explained in great detail in our sewing pattern for Hobby Horse HOLLY and also in our Hobby Horse book “My Hobby Horse & me”. In principle, individual strands of yarn are cut and then tied to a long base thread by looping them. Strand by strand, a mane is created, whether standing, rather short or long and flowing in the wind. Take a look at our YouTube channel for videos about sewing stick ponies or the Hobby Horse section on our blog!

The black color shown here is perfect for sewing all-black Hobby Horse, like black Mustangs, Friesians or Andalusions. Use our black SuperSoft SHORTY plush fabric for those horses! You could also sew a Dun horse when using this beige minky fabric or a classic Bay with our brown minky. A black mane would also work for a dark Bay / brown Hobby Horse; use our chocolate SHORTY fabric for that!

Depending on the length of the mane, one ball of yarn is enough for at least one Hobby Horse.

Product specifications for the black merino wool yarn:

  • Material: 55% virgin wool, 45% acrylic
  • Color: black (2)
  • Yardage: 87 yd. / 80 m
  • Skein Weight: 3.5 oz. / 100 g
  • Suggested Needle size: 6 1/2 – 7
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, iron at low temperature

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