Commercial license extension for sewing patterns

License which allows you to use a kullaloo sewing pattern for commercial use

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With purchasing this license extension you get the right to use a kullaloo sewing pattern for 12 months for commercial use (start date of the license term: 1st of the month following purchase).

For the duration of the license period, you receive the unlimited right to manufacture and sell handmade products based on the sewing pattern for which you are purchasing the license extension.

If the license expires you can purchase the license for another year if necessary. Otherwise the license expires according to the above time and your right of commercial use expires.

Important additional information:

  • Please note that you must also purchase the sewing pattern for which you are purchasing a license extension (in advance or in parallel with the purchase of this license extension).
  • During checkout, please make a note to the field “Order notes (optional)” for which kullaloo sewing pattern or design series you want the license extension.
  • Commercial licenses always apply to what we call “design series”. Design series are quoted in the product descriptions or at the “Additional information” section of the single product page. If you can‘t find the name of the design series, then the character itself or the file bundle is considered a series. Multiple digital products which belong to one design series only require ONE commercial license extension. Digital products associated with a design series or a single character could be:
    • a sewing pattern which is used to sew a caracter as a plush toy
    • an embroidery file that will be used to embroider the character, e.g. eyes or mouth
    • an embroidery file whose design contains the character and which can then be embroidered onto a blanket
    • a cutting file that will be used to create iron-ons for the plush toy character, e.g. eyes or mouth
    • a cutting file whose design contains the character and which can be used to create transfers for shirts, blankets etc.

This means: If you purchase for example a sewing pattern and embroidery files associated with the pattern, then you only need ONE commercial license extension (preferably for the sewing pattern) as these two products belong to the same design series.

With purchase you accept the general license conditions for commercial use, which you can view here in advance and confirm by clicking on the purchase button as follows:

Yes, I have read the general license conditions that have been made available to me and that I have taken note of, and I agree to them.

After the purchase, the general license conditions are also available for download in PDF format.


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