Sewing a Hobby Horse

Sewing a Hobby Horse stick pony

Do you have plans on sewing a Hobby Horse yourself? Then we have to warn you: it probably won’t stay with a single horse :)! Because once you have brought such a stick horse to life, you will quickly want more (and believe us, we know what we’re talking about!). An in-house Hobby Horse stud farm is almost pre-programmed. And: there are also those who can’t sew themselves and will definitely want to order a Hobby Horse from you as soon as they see your self-sewn work of art! But just try it yourself and let get inspired!

Even though people often talk about “sewing a Hobby Horse”: Since it is not a classic cuddly toy, there is a little more to making a Hobby Horse than just sewing it on the sewing machine. But that’s what makes it all so interesting! Knotting the mane and attaching the stick bring variety, and painting the eyes and detailed shading of the fur really brings your Hobby Horse to life and gives it its very own, unmistakable character.

Have some fun browsing through our website and all our Hobby Horse pages, youn will for sure find some great inspiration her!