Hobby Horse with standing mane

Hobby Horse standing manefor fjord horse

The standing mane is a mane variant for your Hobby Horse, which is particularly suitable for horse breeds with short manes such as a Fjord horse. Or how about a Hobby Donkey? The short, protruding mane is also typical for a donkey! But of course every horse can have a standing mane 🙂 On a real life horse it would enough to simply cut the long mane short. Unfortunately, with the Hobby Horse standing mane, it is not that simply. But it’s not magic either! And you can even create the multi colored Fjord horse mane (dark in the middle and light on the sides) with this method!

Standing mane video tutorial

In this video we show you step by step how our little Fjordi got his pretty standing mane:

Tip: You can find more Hobby Horse videos in this Youtube playlist!

Material needed for the Hobby Horse standing mane

You need yarn in the color (or – in the case of a Fjord horse – the colors) of your choice for the standing mane. It is best to use a thick, but lightweight yarn such as a chunnky merino wool, because that will give it good stability and it still has enough volume. If the yarn is heavy, there is a risk that your standing mane will end up being more of a short hanging mane.

You also need a hand sewing needle, sewing thread and normal craft glue to make the Hobby Horse standing mane. For the latter, we recommend a white glue that only becomes transparent when it dries. This way you can see better where you have already applied glue. Note: while it’s tempting, you’d better leave the hot glue gun in the closet for this project! Because a) the hot glue dries too quickly and b) it leaves noticeable hard spots in the mane.

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