Hobby Horse mane with clip in hair extensions

Hobby Horse mane with clip in hair extensions

Do you want the mane of your self-sewn Hobby Horse to look as realistic as possible? Then you can use artificial or even human hair extensions instead of yarn! They are available in a variety of colors and lengths. A Hobby Horse mane made from clip in hair extensions can often even be worked on with a straightening or curling iron. This opens up completely new possibilities for hairstyles!

Material for a Hobby Horse mane made from clip in hair extensions

Hair extensions come in a variety of styles. We used so-called “clip in” hair extensions for our Hobby Horse’s mane. These clip ins are hairpieces with sewn-on bobby pins that are usually simply clipped onto real hair. They come in a variety of lengths and widths.

There are also big hair wefts, where the hair is attached to a backing fabric. They are a bit more voluminous than the small (single) clip extensions. They are particularly suitable for the mane, as you can then sew it out of just one piece. We used a combination of the following products for the Hobby Horse mane made of extensions:

Sew on the extension mane – That’s how you do it!

Here you can see step by step how the extension mane is sewn onto the stuffed Hobby Horse.

In addition to this method, there are other methods of sewing in the Hobby Horse mane. For example, when cutting the fabric pieces for the Hobby Horse, you can divide the mane gusset lengthwise and sew the extensions in between. How to do this is described in our eBook Hobby Horse HOLLY.

Since the method shown in the above video is sewn on to a stuffed Hobby Horse, you can take a little more time with the decision on how the create the mane. You can also easily swap out the sewn-on mane if you want to give your horse a new look, for example made of yarn or just in a different colour. And another advantage: the sewn-on mane falls particularly beautifully!

One last tip: You can find more Hobby Horse videos in this Youtube playlist!

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