Hobby Horse Hairstyles

One of the many advantages of having a Hobby Horse is that they are very patient if you want to spend hours braiding their mane 🙂 It doesn’t matter whether you want to dress it up for a tournament or you just want to practice braiding and try out new Hobby Horse hairstyles – your Hobby Horse will do everything until the mane sits perfectly!

The abundance of possible Hobby Horse hairstyles is almost endless. Here are a few of our favorite classics.

The running braid

The running braid brings out the curved neck of your Hobby Horses in a particularly beautiful way. You may know the braiding method from the French braids in humans. And this is how it’s done:

  • Separate three equal strands at the beginning of the mane.
  • Use these three sections to start a standard three-strand braid. As you cross the hair section closest to the crest into the middle of the braid, add another section of strands from the mane to the braid. Braid along the crest until all the strands have been braided.
  • Continue braiding a standard braid and secure the end with a hair tie.

Hobby Horse hairstyles: running braid

The continental braid

The continental brais is actually not a braided hairstyle at all, but… well, a kind of net. You’ll need quite a few hair ties for this. It’s best to use these very small elastics that come in packs of 50 or 100 at drugstores. And this is how it’s done:

  • Divide the entire mane or just a part of the upper mane strands into equally thick strands and fix them with hair ties at the same distance from the crest of the mane.
  • Split each section into two, and then tie each one of these to the neighboring section. This creates rhombuses.
  • Repeat this process all the way down the length of the mane until it is complete.

A Hobby Horse hairstyle for the big day: button / dressage braids

Dressage braids are particularly popular when the mane should not be disturbing by fluttering around and should still look chic. It’s very easy!

  • Divide the mane into 6-10 equal sections.
  • Braid each individual section and secure each end with a small hair tie or elastic.
  • Now tuck in the ends of each braid and roll the braid up. Arriving at the crest of the mane, put an elastic around the rolled braid. Depending on how close you roll to the crest, the braids will stand up or hang down.

Hobby horse HOPE in brown minky