How to make a mane for a Hobby Horse

Everything on a Hobby Horse is usually lovingly handcrafted, from A for eyes to Z for bridle – that’s what makes them so valuable. And with a little patience, tact and the right instructions, it’s not that difficult! For many work steps you have the choice between different approaches. This is also the case with the Hobby Horse mane. Here we present the three most beautiful variants.

The classic: a mane made of yarn

With this classic and popular method, each individual strand of the mane is tied to a base thread by hand and sewn onto the mane gusset. It sounds pretty tedious, but it really isn’t! The yarn mane looks great and is super easy to style. Here you can see exactly how it’s done:

Hobby Horse mane with yarn

The short one: Hobby Horse standing mane

This short, standing variant of the mane looks super cute and is perfect for a Fjord horse and/or a  donkey, for example. And here are the instructions:

Hobby Horse standing mane

The extravagant one: mane made of hair extensions

Hobby horse pattern "HOLLY" as hairdressing head

If you want to make a particularly noble hobby horse mane from fine and shiny hair, then you can use synthetic or even human hair extensions! They are also super easy to style and are often even suitable for processing with a straightening or curling iron! Here you can find out how to sew on a mane and a forelock made of synthetic hair:

Hobby Horse mane with clip in hair extensions

Hobby Horse Hairstyles

The good thing is: the fun is just starting once you’ve finished the mane of your Hobby Horse! Because then the braiding and styling begins! Admittedly, the standing mane is out there… But with all the other types of manes, you can try out hairstyles the whole night long! We have tested the most popular classics for you. Curtain up for the running braid, the button / dressage braids and the continental braid:

Hobby Horse hairstyles

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