Cute little baby pillow sewing pattern – free!

Free sewing pattern forcute baby pillow with knotted corners

This cute little baby pillow is a great alternative to the baby cuddle classic, the blankie / comforter. By baby pillow we don’t mean a pillow to support the baby’s head, but a small cuddly pillow to cuddle, suck on, feel, look at and generally love. And if you use a velvety-soft plush like our SuperSoft SHORTY, there’s a good chance that your handmade cuddly pillow becomes one of those indispensable baby companions which should not be missing from any bedtime ritual.

What is particularly great about sewing baby pillows is that even beginners can sew them without any problems. And all this in a very manageable amount of time! There are no limits to your creativity, because such a simple little pillow can of course be enhanced with sewn-on appliqués or lovely embroidered motifs.

Sew a cute baby pillow – with our free sewing pattern!

Our free sewing pattern for the baby pillow is super easy and quick to sew. You can sew a simple baby cushion without appliqué in less than an hour! The special thing about the kullaloo baby pillow are the sweet knotted corners, which ensure a particularly cuddly look and on which the baby can easily grab his cuddly pillow.

After knotting the corners, the baby pillow looks as if it was sewn from only two pieces, but the highlight is that the corners are sewn together individually and then sewn in between the front and back of the pillow. This has two advantages: You can cut much more sparingly and sew the corners in contrasting colors. The attachment seam is no longer visible after knotting, and the shape creates cute little ear-shaped corners. You can simply download, print out and glue together the pattern for the square baby pillow with a size of 10×10″ (25×25 cm), which is free for newsletter subscribers, and you can start sewing the baby pillow!

Baby pillow video sewing instructions

Step-by-step sewing from us for you: make the QuickTut video sewing instructions for the baby pillow yourself.

Materials needed for sewing the baby pillow:

  • Fabric for front and back of the pillow, approx. 11×22″ (28×56 cm)
  • Fabric for the corners, approx. 11×22“ (28×56 cm)
  • Batting, approx. 0.5 lbs (250 g)
  • Sewing thread

For the pillows shown on the pictures we used these products:

  • Faux fur fabric yellow – SuperSoft SHAGGY

    Faux fur fabric yellow – SuperSoft SHAGGY

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  • Yellow minky fabric / velboa – SuperSoft SHORTY

    Yellow minky fabric – SuperSoft SHORTY

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  • Light blue minky fabric / velboa / plush – SuperSoft SHORTY

    Light blue minky fabric – SuperSoft SHORTY

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  • Teal minky fabric / plush / velboa – SuperSoft SHORTY

    Teal minky fabric – SuperSoft SHORTY

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